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  • It’s a good idea and resource. As it grows it will be even better. A... read more

    Carl Tilghman II Avatar
    Carl Tilghman II

    This is awesome!

    Larae Marsha Mac Avatar
    Larae Marsha Mac

    I hope to see more schools here in the future. I think this could be... read more

    Yalonda Weaver Avatar
    Yalonda Weaver

    What a great resource to show an amazing private education option in DFW! Never knew... read more

    Asheley Jackson Avatar
    Asheley Jackson
  • Great resource for finding the perfect private school for your family. Everybody has been so... read more

    Megan Moore Crouser Avatar
    Megan Moore Crouser

    Super helpful. Very thankful for this resource - wish I knew about it sooner!

    Caitlin Pitalo Avatar
    Caitlin Pitalo

    Excellent resource and administrator is SO KIND AND HELPFUL 🙂

    Denise Auch Avatar
    Denise Auch

    AMAZING! Having Dara of DFW Private Education come to speak to my Development directors was amazing! ... read more

    Erin Vader - Catholic Diocese of Ft. Worth Avatar
    Erin Vader - Catholic Diocese of Ft. Worth
  • Facebook is the way parents get info now, I like coming here to see all... read more

    Lakisha Terrell Lilly Avatar
    Lakisha Terrell Lilly

    Neat concept I think this works better than most other sites for parents. The information is not... read more

    Taylor Moser Avatar
    Taylor Moser

    If you need help finding a private school in the DFW area, this is the... read more

    Jenny Haesemeyer Brady Avatar
    Jenny Haesemeyer Brady

    I was completely overwhelmed with searching for schools for my daughter. This site... read more

    Samantha Jones Avatar
    Samantha Jones
  • Professional, courteous service.

    Ovit Pursley Avatar
    Ovit Pursley

    This is so helpful to have a forum to share information. So many... read more

    Deb Friedman Farrell Avatar
    Deb Friedman Farrell

    In the know about private education around Dallas. Can’t wait to see all of what... read more

    Cindy Cason Avatar
    Cindy Cason

    DFW Private Education is the number ONE resource for families, private schools, and service providers!

    Domenica Irula Avatar
    Domenica Irula
  • Great service for parents and schools and makes the search so easy

    Danielle Williams Cole Avatar
    Danielle Williams Cole

    My experience with DFW Private Education has been invaluable. The immediate knowledge sharing and insight... read more

    Cherrese Belt Avatar
    Cherrese Belt

    DFW Private Education has been a lifesaver!!! I am immensely appreciative of Dara... read more

    Melinda Martinez Avatar
    Melinda Martinez

    DFW Private Education is a great resource for parents in the private school search. They... read more

    Emily Eber Avatar
    Emily Eber
    Cambridge School Dallas
  • It’s a good idea and resource. As it grows it will be even better. A... read more

    Carl Tilghman II Avatar
    Carl Tilghman II

    I have just started the journey of deciding the best pathway for my girls' educations.... read more

    Stefani Mulligan Smith Avatar
    Stefani Mulligan Smith

    This is so helpful for anyone considering private school! Thank you for bringing us this resource!!

    Maggie Curtis Zamanian Avatar
    Maggie Curtis Zamanian

    DFW Private Education is a great resource showcasing the many, unique private education options available... read more

    Amy Sandling Crawford Avatar
    Amy Sandling Crawford