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Cistercian Preparatory 2018 Valedictorian

Valedictorian full name: Marshall Edward Comeaux

Parents’ names: Gabrielle and Paul Comeaux

University attending: The University of Texas at Austin

Extra-curricular activities, sports and non-sports, and special honors: Robotics Club, Academic Quiz Bowl, Math Club, Eagle Scout, Student Ambassadors, Big Brothers, Wesley Rankin Community Service, Altar Server, Cross Country, Soccer, Baseball, National Merit Finalist, Cum Laude Society, National AP Scholar

Best advice given to him and by whom: “Keep a balanced life and pray daily.” — Mom and Dad

Valedictorian Speech:

Eight years ago, our class began its journey together. We now know how to think deeply and to question what we read. We have grown in faith, insight, and virtue. But three months from now, each of us will embark on a new adventure. We will gently set aside the crutch that we have leaned on for eighteen years: the comfort and sense of safety provided by our families, our community, and each other.

Centuries ago, our American ancestors also began a process of leaving behind their homes and venturing out into the great unknown. The frontier was a rough place, filled with disease, hunger, and wild animals. But it also contained great opportunities for reward. Pioneers chose to make a journey filled with loneliness and hardship, because they knew that at the end of the journey, they would have the skills, the grit, and the self-confidence to settle down in the West, to make a good life for themselves, and maybe even to start a family. Slowly, as their westward journey progressed, the pioneers transformed from soft villagers to hard nomads.

College has become the new American frontier. We too will face hardship. The shock of walking onto campus and realizing how few people we actually know. The pain of growling stomachs and Ramen noodle meals. The realization that it is indeed possible to be buried in more coursework than we had at Cistercian. Through all of it, like the pioneers of old, we must face the journey head on, bracing the harsh conditions of the college frontier. And by the end of our travels, when our journey is done, not only will we have the resourcefulness, energy, and independence that mark adulthood, but we will have the self-confidence to know that we are capable of anything we set our minds to.

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