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Who is DFW Private Education?

DFW Private Education is an online searchable directory of the best private schools and specialized child services professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our focus is to help parents find the best private school and service professionals for their child by offering information that would otherwise take them hours of research to find. By enrolling as a featured school or services professional on DFWPE, you’ll reach parents that might not otherwise find you. A featured listing with DFWPE can enrich your enrollment and ensure the success and growth of your school or services company.

Who is our audience? 

  • A combined following of 5800.
    • This increases weekly
  • 94% of DFWPE following is organic.
  • 50% of DFWPE following are people of color.
  • 58% of DFWPE followers consider themselves to be middle class.
  • Followers are 78% female and 22% male.
  • 93% of followers are ages 28 – 44.
  • 99% of following is DFW Based.
    • Followers span from Lucas to Saginaw
  • Our followers are both seeking secular and sectarian schools.

Did you know?

Purchasing Google AdWords or print ad space in parenting publications is not the best use of your advertising spend. Web users are savvy and conditioned to ignore promotions on web pages and social media. What’s far more influential are reviews from parents and the recommendation of a highly-rated service like DFWPE advocating on your behalf.

The bulk of DFWPE’s following is organic – it’s not traffic we purchase. We are well-placed within web and social media search results, and that translates to greater accessibility for your school or professional services business to reach parents. We strictly showcase private schools and professional service providers (tutors, therapists, transportation services, etc.) and will never feature childcare facilities.

Become a DFWPE listed school 

Private school parents in the DFW area rave about our searchable roster. When you sign on to be a featured school, you reap many benefits. Your school’s attributes are on display so that parents can see you in their filtered search by educational methodology, co-ed versus single-sex, religious or secular focus, and geography, among other criteria.

The DFWPE team will also promote your school at local educational and family events to offer even greater visibility and will feature your school across our social media channels. DFWPE’s listing services are fee-based, and we offer three tiers for you to choose from to gain exposure for your private school. There’s an affordable DFWPE option for every size school and budget.

Become a DFWPE listed resource

We facilitate parent searches for not just schools but also needed professional services. We feature child psychologists, pediatric therapists, tutors across an array of courses and special interests plus transportation services and educational and parenting consultants. If your professional services benefit Dallas-Fort Worth students and parents, our directory can help you reach more families.

Our site is a go-to resource for parents looking to better the whole child in their formative years. DFWPE’s listing services for service professionals are fee-based and we offer an affordable flat-rate ad spend to improve visibility for your business. DFWPE is one of the most affordable promotional tools in the Metroplex that reaches a highly targeted audience searching for your specific services.

What makes you different?

The creator of DFW Private Education has a connection with the parents.  These are organic relationships (some turned friendships) fostered through various forms of social media, clubs, organizations and by random chance.  Some of our partnered schools have called this “organic” and “grassroots.” We do not work with Mothers Day Out or childcare programs, strictly private schools.  We highlight schools that may or may not be accredited (green check mark) and we break them up into categories as well.  The founder herself is a parent, not an educator, politician or anything else.  A parent.  There is a need for something like this in our community and we want to build it with schools and families. DFWPE has hosted families for lunch, held phone conversations and more when they have questions.  This has a personal touch.

Get started today

With parents searching now for Summer programs and already looking towards Fall 2019 enrollment, it’s the perfect time to raise the profile of your Dallas-Fort Worth private school. If you’re a school, you can choose between three tiers of services. For professional services organizations, there is one fixed fee option. Depending on your plan, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

  • Highlighting school or professional events on DFWPE’s Facebook page
  • Featuring school or professional events on DFWPE’s website and private group
  • Monthly social media posts promoting your school or service
  • Placement on DFWPE’s searchable online directory
  • DFWPE presence at and promotion of your school or professional event
  • Main page feature on the DFWPE website
  • Blog post feature on the DFWPE website
  • Feature in DFWPE newsletter
  • Routine statistical reporting on the status of the website

Choice of tier package determines which of these services you’ll receive, and the frequency of the promotional service provided. DFWPE is the future of Dallas-Fort Worth private education. This is a service parents requested, use, and recommend to other families. Please browse our website and then contact us to discuss tier pricing for our promotional services.  Contact us for rates.

The connection Dara has with parents is organic.” – Trinity Christian Academy

Nothing like this has been done before.” – The Oakridge School

This is the go-to place for private school information.  We needed this resource a long time ago.” – Parent

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DFW Private Education strives to highlight the best PreK - 12 private schools in Dallas - Ft. Worth to partner with prospective families.