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Families of Color Conference: Sponsorships

What Should I Expect?

Each school's dinner table will be themed with their school colors and have a representative from the school seated with the families.  There will be a guest speaker that will address saving financially and how to set up college savings plans and how to use them now for private school tuition.  Our keynote speaker will address the importance of education within our community and why we should invest in a great education where possible.  There will be food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as childcare for families that will need it.  DFWPE will supply each attendee with a program showcasing our sponsors as well as a tote that will be used to take home all marketing materials, raffle winnings, and other goodies. An attendance up to 100 prospective families and their children are expected.  DFWPE will use every major media outlet to promote this event.

The Goal

To openly discuss the lack of African American enrollment in PreK - 12 private schools

Connect schools with prospective families - you will dine with them.

Discussing affordability

Address parent concerns

Discussing the importance of quality education

Why Should I Sponsor?

This is an opportunity for schools and businesses like yours to let the community know you're here and that you care as much about the African American community as much as you would any other community.  Many families of color often feel that they're left behind when it comes to matters that pertain to racial equality and that schools (both public and private) fail to address these problems.  Some of the largest drawbacks of families of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are that they do not feel they're represented in the schools they are interested in.  This is a chance to show them things can be better.

Who Should I Bring?

DFWPE would love for each school to bring someone from your admissions team, a diversity director if you have one and lastly a student ambassador.  The ambassadors could be a current or alumni and would be able to earn credit for volunteering while at the event.  They will be asked to engage with prospective students their age and parents as well.  Duties they can be expected to perform are checking families in and showing them where the restrooms are.  DFW Private Education strongly urges all schools to get a liability waiver from the parents of their volunteers and verify your school's insurance policies.

Do I Pay All At Once?

You are not required to pay all at once however you're required to pay 50% of your total at the time of registration with the remaining due 45 days prior to the event.  You may also pay by check by requesting an invoice. Upon completion of payment, you will receive your sponsor agreement in writing.

 Please note cancellations within 30 days of the event are not refundable.

Do I Have To Be A DFWPE Subscriber?

Sponsorship is currently open to all private schools and some businesses in the Metroplex.  If you're interested in becoming a DFWPE partnered school or resource, discounts are available.

Sponsorship Packages

Bronze Sponsor

  • 1/4 Page Color Ad
  • Host a Dinner Table with Prospective Families
  • Conference Web Page Feature
  • Subscribers - $925
  • Non Subscribers - $1175

Silver Sponsor

  • 1/2 Page Color Ad
  • Display Table
  • Host A Dinner Table with Prospective Families
  • Conference Web Page Feature
  • Subscribers - $1525
  • Non Subscribers - $1775

Gold Sponsor

  • Full Page Color Ad
  • Display Table
  • Host a Two Dinner Tables With Prospective Families
  • Conference Web Page Feature
  • DFWPE Subscribers - $2325
  • Non DFWPE Subscribers - $2575

Food Sponsor

  • Premium Advertising
  • Large Logo on Conference Web Page
  • Host a Dinner Table With Prospective Families
  • Discount on Subscription Re-enrollment or New Enrollment
  • DFWPE Subscribers - $2800
  • Non DFWPE Subscribers - $3300

à Le Carte Options

  • $150 - $800

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To promote & highlight DFW based private schools and other family resources.  We strive to help connect schools, businesses, and families together so that parents may make an informed decision about their child's needs.  DFWPE hopes to bring the community together in education, diversity, mental health and other areas that involve caring for the whole child.