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Exceptional Tutoring Services

Exceptional Tutoring Services

Contact Person: Tina Howard

P.O. Box 541311 Grand Prairie, TX 75054


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Hours of Operation:

Monday: 10:00a – 8:00p
Tuesday: 10:00a – 8:00p
Wednesday: 10:00a – 8:00p
Thursday: 10:00a – 8:00p
Friday: 10:00a – 5:00p
Saturday: 11:00a – 3:00p
Sunday: Closed

Our Location:

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    3 thoughts on “Exceptional Tutoring Services

    1. My 8 year old had a four week tutoring session with Ms. Tina focusing on reading and reading comprehension. Ms. Tina is so warm and engaging – there was an instant rapport. Since school has started, I am seeing my daughter use some of the tools that she learned and she is able to provide more than just surface answers about material that she has read. I would highly recommend ETS.

    2. I would like to that ETS and Ms. Tina for everything they have done for my son. My son attended “The Best School” in Terrebonne Parish (Louisiana). However, he was not learning. My son was being taught to remember and not taught to understand. His foundational skills were average, therefore, majority of everything he was learning was not retained. As soon as the test was over, everything he had learned would be forgotten. The class sizes were averaging 26 students. So, the teachers were not able to focus on his needs. After meeting with ETS staff they immediately developed a plan that was tailored to my son’s academic abilities & needs. In a matter of weeks, my son has gone from a “C” average student to a “B” average student. He now knows how to properly take notes, has the courage to ask questions, and skills necessary to excel academically. Thank You ETS!!!!

      • Thank You!

        Thank you so much! Our goal is to provide our clients with life long learning skills that will not only help them academically, but give them the tools needed to become successful adults! Your son is AMAZING, and his desire to learn is EXTRAORDINARY!

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