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William K. Sampson, College & Career Consultant

William K. Sampson, College & Career Consultant

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Why I do what I do.

This one’s personal.  

Today it is estimated that 25-50% of those entering college are undecided and that 75% of them will change their major at least once.

Add to that the statistic that 53% of people are unhappy in their jobs and it paints a pretty bleak picture.

BUT, the good news is there is a way to align study and career choice with your natural gifts. 

This is my story, and if I can help prevent this from becoming your reality, I will have succeeded in fulfilling my purpose.  Entering college at age 17, all I wanted to do was get my business degree and get rich.  At least that was the plan.  Being on my own for the first time, with very little self-awareness and discipline things didn’t exactly go according to plan.  My university required that freshmen live on campus for one semester.  So, my roommate and I, with designs on living out by the lake (so we could study without the distractions of campus…sure.) in an area that also happened to have a golf course.  We both registered for one summer semester. Freshmen English, math and throw in golf to round out my course schedule.  English and math were just fine, and I got to play golf every afternoon.  College was great! Fast-forward to grade reports and I flunked GOLF.  I discovered it helps to read the syllabus, and if I had, I would have realized that turning in my scorecards was 50% of the final grade.  I was pretty good at math and could easily calculate that half of even 100 was not a passing grade.  

What I do. 

As part of the John Maxwell Team, I am proud to provide the “College and Career” impact report.  We have created this product for high school and college students.  It is based on the DISC method of behavioral analysis and helps the participant understand both in general terms and specific to them, the following:

  • Personality style for themselves and others
  • Values style
  • Perceptual style
  • Cognitive Style
  • Leadership strengths
  • Career matches
  • Action items

The breadth and depth of information is extremely valuable for students, their parents and advisors in charting a path for their education and career.



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