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Great Lakes Academy

Great Lakes Academy

Head of School: Marjolein Borsten

Grades 3rd - 12th
6000 Custer Road, Building 7 Plano, TX 75023


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Great Lakes Academy is an accredited non-profit private school located in Plano, Texas that offers 3rd through 12th grade students with average to above-average intelligence, diagnosed with various Learning Differences, Anxiety, AD/HD and/or Asperger’s Syndrome a positive school experience.  GLA is committed to providing its students with a stimulating environment and favorable atmosphere which affords each student every opportunity to develop both their social skills and their academics.  In addition to a challenging curriculum, Great Lakes Academy offers;

  • Small class sizes,
  • Low student-teacher ratio,
  • Multi-sensory teaching methods
  • Continuous monitoring of student progress
  • Social skills classes

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1 thought on “Great Lakes Academy

  1. End of Year Letter

    I am adding a letter I wrote to the school at the end of the 2017/2018 school year:

    Dear Great Lakes Teachers and Staff,

    Our son has just completed his third year at GLA. The first year he chose not to attend any school events or the end of the year awards ceremony, sadly. Last year, he turned the corner and attended school events. With our first experience at the end of year ceremony, our son said he was “inspired” by what he heard, saw and witnessed of his co-students and teachers. This year, the lesson learned was for me: I need to bring my own tissues next year as I used my dress all night to wipe my happy and grateful tears away.

    When do students, like my son today, EVER get teary when they express their sadness that summer has come and they cannot attend their beloved educational and social sanctuary for almost three months? Only at Great Lakes.

    My parents also attended last night’s festivities for the first time. As expected, they were incredibly moved by the clear dedicated deposit each and every staff member has made to the students.

    Thanks to each of you, whether you have had our son or not. GLA is not a place or a building, it is the spirit, vision and the act of pouring in to every student realized last night.

    Gratefully yours,

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