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Legacy Christian Academy

Legacy Christian Academy

Grades PreK - 12th
5000 Academy Dr, Frisco, TX, USA


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Legacy Christian Academy is close-knit community where students are nurtured, challenged to develop their God-given gifts, and encouraged to discover and embrace their identity and purpose in Christ. As a Christ-centered school, LCA integrates faith and learning by teaching all subjects from a biblical worldview and by acknowledging that “all truth is God’s truth.” As a covenant community, we believe that all people are made in the image of God, reflect His glory, and have profound value. As a college-preparatory school, LCA offers a curriculum that meets or exceeds the admission requirements of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation.


  • Christian Families who understand and share a commitment to Legacy’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.
  • Christian Families who articulate a salvation testimony through Jesus Christ and seek a deliberate Covenant relationship between the family and the school.
  • Students whose academic records demonstrate a proven capability to thrive in Legacy’s rigorous academic programs.
  • Students whose behavioral history is in harmony with the expectations and culture of Legacy Christian Academy and who express a strong desire and commitment to be a part of the Legacy student body.

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