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Selwyn School

Selwyn School

Head of School: Deborah Hof

Grades PreK - 12th
2270 Copper Canyon Road, Argyle, Texas 76226, United States


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Selwyn was founded in 1957 and is an independent, non-sectarian, college-preparatory, day school serving pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students.  At Selwyn, our extraordinary teachers find the key to learning in every individual, while instilling a solid educational foundation to prepare them for college and beyond. We believe that 21st-century learners face problems that are complex and constantly changing. To address this reality, we offer an experiential and a student-centered learning environment. We value independent thinking and differentiated learning, which is why we intentionally keep our classrooms small. We believe that school should be a place where students discover the value of their minds and the excitement of learning. Both in and out of the classroom, locally and globally, we instill a consciousness of social justice, an ethic of citizenship and a commitment to service.

Beginning Fall 2020, Selwyn will offer their Upper School students the opportunity to specialize in visual or musical arts. Learn more about this exciting opportunity: .

  • Small class sizes: 12:1
  • 100% College acceptance rate
  • 12% Receive Financial Aid
  • Strong parental support
  • Non-Sectarian
    • Inclusive to all
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Non-Profit
  • Reggio-Emilia Pre-school
  • PreK now open! apply now!


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6 thoughts on “Selwyn School

  1. Selwyn strives to meet each child's unique needs

    Selwyn has provided my children with a fantastic educational foundation and has met each of my children’s different needs. This is our sixth year at Selwyn, and we are excited to be getting close to the Middle School Academy and its unique outdoor studies curriculum. I think it is designed to engage children at the time they most want to retreat, and I can’t wait to see the Academy in action!

  2. My Son is all about the school, he has Selwyn in his blood. He has been going for for 7 yrs and can’t imagine going anywhere else. Best education ever, Best Friends ever, Best Teachers on staff. Thank You for a life time of memories and education

  3. The correct education makes a difference!

    Selwyn school and teachers focus on each student as an individual. All three of our children attended and thrived in the “hands on” environment. Both of our girls attended the colleges of their choice because of the preparedness they received. They graduated in 31/2 and 4 years. Our son thinks “outside the box”. He was always encouraged and we look forward to his future. We cannot ever thank Selwyn enough for the influence made in our children.

  4. Selwyn provides a superior education.

    Selwyn is a treasure! The children at Selwyn are provided individual attention and receive the best education. They completely prepare the students for college and how to succeed in life. I am so thrilled my son is getting a Selwyn education, so I know his future is bright.

  5. Thank you for 7 great years and some of my best childhood memories.

    Some of my greatest childhood memories were at Selwyn. Our class was so close and everyone knew everyone. We took pride in including each other, our friendships, and working as a team. The whole campus felt like one big family. I know we were in classrooms but I don’t remember them feeling as such. The work was fun, hands-on, and on beautiful days it was often done outside. We loved those days! After seven years my family moved into an amazing public school and I found myself taken back by new concepts I was happily unaware of … clothing somehow mattered, “cliques” exist, and the amount of individual help, guidance, and acknowledgment from my teachers was never the same. I hope to give my children the same foundation Selwyn sent me out into the world with. GO UNICORNS!

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