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Trinity Christian Academy

Trinity Christian Academy

Head of School: Dave Delph

Grades PreK - 12th
17001 Addison Rd, Addison, TX 75001, USA


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Trinity Christian Academy is a private, coeducational school for grades PreK–12, offering Christian families and their children a demanding, college preparatory curriculum within a Christian community. Located in Addison, Texas, TCA is one of the largest single-campus, preK–12 schools in the country serving approximately 1,500 students in the DFW Metroplex. The school is fully accredited by AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

At TCA, students find endless opportunities in a unique world of learning and discovery. Students learn compassion and community. They interface with technology. They see love, growth, and support. They attend a school of faith and excellence and learn from teachers who are passionate about teaching and the subjects they teach.

  • Christ-centered community
  • 11:1 student/teacher ratio in Lower School
  • 21 Varsity Sports, 55 Teams (7th-12th)
  • Award-Winning Fine Arts
  • STEM Club and Robotics

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6 thoughts on “Trinity Christian Academy

  1. Why TCA?

    I knew the route my children would take as they began their educational journey. After all, not only am I a former public school principal, but my husband and I both received public school educations, and we felt we turned out fine-so why would our children need anything different?

    Knowing my background in education, a good friend asked me to attend a TCA Preview with her. While reluctant, I went knowing she wanted the best for her kids and I might be able to help her ask relevant questions. And, admittedly, I was curious about why people choose private school over public school.

    What I heard at the gathering-and what I saw in each classroom I visited-blew me away. My perspective completely changed. TCA was exactly the right place for our family. Everything I hoped for in our public schools I found in Trinity: character development embedded throughout the curriculum, strong literacy initiatives, an enduring sense of community, passionate and happy teachers, joy-filled students, a safe environment, excellent student-teacher ratios, and even teacher assistants! TCA had it all, and on top of that TCA’s administrators and teachers are able to integrate our shared faith into each and every day, something we would never find in our public school.

    Our children are confident in their identities, of who they are in Christ. What they see, hear, and practice at their school aligns with what they see, hear, and practice at our church and home. Our decision to choose private school over pubic school is a decision we have not once regretted.

  2. Couldn't be happier!

    TCA has surpassed our expectations, which were high to begin with. Our favorite aspect of TCA is that they help partner with us as parents to educate the whole child for the glory of God. Our kids love going to school, are learning a ton, are being challenged, have great friends, and every teacher we’ve had thus far has loved our children and shepherded their hearts. We appreciate the teachers don’t just giving glowing superlatives in the kids’ parent-teacher conferences but will also share how to pray for and encourage our kids to grow in becoming more like Christ. We also love the Christian community we’ve built within TCA with other families. We knew TCA would be good, but we didn’t t think it would be this good. My husband and I are so grateful for the school and the firm spiritual and educational foundation it is creating for our kids.

  3. Unshackled goes to TCA

    My name is Gene McGuire and I had the awesome privilege to share my testimony and book “Unshackled, From Ruin to Redemption” with the Jr and Sr high school students at Trinity Christian Academy in January. I was very impressed with how well students and the teachers interacted, gathering into the auditorium for the Assembly. I also felt welcomed from the receptionist at the door to the School Director who embraced my presence and expressed their gratitude I came. Everyone was very grateful. After the Assembly, I was permitted to speak with some of the Senior students who stood tall and looked me in the eye, shook my hand and thanked me for sharing my faith and story. I realized that TCA was not only preparing students academically but also in their character. I really enjoyed speaking with teachers as well as the awesome students. I would recommend TCA to all families wanting to make a kingdom investment in their children.

  4. Amazing place

    I attended TCA from kinder until graduation. I didn’t necessarily anticipate sending my kids here but I also had no idea how my experience at TCA held up to other places because all I knew was my own experience. We began our oldest at another school and after one year there and visits to several schools across Dallas, it became clear to us that TCA stands alone and really is head and shoulders above it’s competition. They have achieved how to instill the joy of learning within children all the while making the experience challenging and rigorous. They foster an incredibly nurturing and loving environment that embraces every student, no matter their bent, and encourages them in their natural giftedness and wiring. In all they do, their approach is from a biblical worldview and perspective and they expose students to the joy of walking with Jesus and of being a faithful follower of Christ. I could go on and on but believe me when I tell you, it’s a true gem and one of it’s kind.

  5. We love our school!

    My husband went to TCA for 12 years. He always spoke so highly about his experience there, we started our daughters off early and have enjoyed every day.

    The academics are top notch. Nearly every day our oldest catches us off guard with things she’s learning that I didn’t learn until I was much older. Their Christ-Centered culture has been a blessing and we can see it in how our daughters interact with others.

    So far, we’ve been very impressed with how they involve us in their school experience as well. There’s volunteer opportunities everywhere and parents are always present in the classroom or other activities.


  6. We love TCA!

    We have been at TCA for two years. We have a second grader and two pre-K’ers and we adore the school. We love that TCA excels at academics within a loving Christian environment.

    The lower school has a full time teacher and assistant in each classroom. We really love this because it means no kid gets left behind or ignored academically. The teacher will review a concept, have kids do a worksheet emphasizing that concept and the assistant willl see which kids aren’t quite getting that concept and work with them. Our children are thriving there.

    We have been very pleased with the quality of teachers and the loving community. Our oldest started in first grade and he and our family were welcomed into the TCA community. Other parents told us of teams or activities he could join and meet other children in his grade.

    Each grade has a hospitality coordinator who answers questions for newly admitted families and sets up play dates over the summer with children new to the school and children who are already attending. This made our son’s transition so much easier.

    When we walked into the school on the first day, we and our son were greeted by name by the Assistant Principal and there are over 500 kids in the lower school. To us, that said a lot.

    Another thing we have loved is the organization and communication of the school. Each week in our children’s folder a page is included that lists what homework is due that day, special event, spelling words, etc… so we can see our children’s week at a glance. One email is sent weekly to the entire school with all the school announcements which I love because it is easy to find, we aren’t bombarded with emails and I don’t worry we’ve missed reading or knowing about something.

    We also love that the school is K-12. There is quite a bit of opportunity for parents to interact in lower school so we really know the other families well which means we will know the families of our children’s high school friends. It also provides an opportunity for family events like Little Trojan Night/tailgate at varsity sporting events which are super fun.
    Of course, we love the Biblical worldview and that the gospel is poured into our kids everyday. We also love that our children have friends with like minded parents. We really feel like we are getting the best Christian academic education available in our area. We highly recommend this school!

    I only add this because of recent events, but TCA also has three police officers on campus at all times. I honestly probably would have said that was overkill before now but am now glad to have this security.

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