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Our First Year

With every school or parent I meet I am always asked the same question.  “Where do your kids go to school?” So I thought now would be a good time to share that my daughter attends Prestonwood Christian Academy and what our experience has been thus far.


What Have I Realized?

I am not a teacher.  I truly value the work that teachers do (even in PreK) in helping children learn.  To be 100% honest I couldn’t lead a class of 3 & 4-year-olds every day for 10 months.  If I did, I wouldn’t be writing this right now from my desk but I’d be writing it from a well ran mental institution instead.  Teachers are amazing! They find ways to celebrate each student, their differences, their imagination and keep the communication open with parents.  In our class, every child was accepted and loved the same but no two children were treated the same because the realization is, no two children are the same.  They’re little people yes, but they’re little people with their own ideas and feelings. I learned I should respect that more at home. This lesson I am most thankful for because realizing it made me self-reflect, break patterns and work on improving.

Reality Check:

Most parents who have children in a private school are full time working households and if not, someone has a job they do from home (like me).  These families are making great sacrifices daily. Another reality is schools aren’t perfect. There are cliques in private schools just like any other and they’re often easily spotted.  There are parents who show up to the carpool lane with crazy hair, no makeup, and a french fries on the floor. It’s just not perfect. I also don’t think most schools strive to be. Accept that schools have issues and offer to help them address the issues.

Next Year I Will:

Buy the bigger backpack.  I truly thought a medium backpack would be just fine and she would use it up until Kinder.  Nope! I should’ve bought the large backpack, for real! I also vow to not give white sneakers a chance at all.  I bought white uniform shoes as a 2nd pair for when she outgrew her black ones and they look like they’ve seen the Battle of Gettysburg. It only took 2 weeks for that to happen, tire chips are not friends to white shoes.  Parents, just say no to white sneakers. Lastly, I will get creative with my route! 121 South in the mornings is like being trapped in a nightmare with thousands of other people in boxes on wheels. I will also make it my mission to get a “selfie” with our head of school Dr. Taylor (lol).  I try not to bother him cause I know everyone needs to talk to him but it’s coming, just you wait and see.

The Best Part:

The best part is the bonds you and your kids form.  I value my friendships and relationships with people so to me this is as equally important as the quality of the education.  I started off this school year having only had handshakes with many parents. By the end of the year we had exchanged, lunches, dinners, movie dates, sleepovers, hugs, tears, ideas and so much more. This wasn’t just at our school, I’ve had moments like this with friends from other nearby private schools too.  I’ve discovered families at school who go to my church, live on my street or are in the same social clubs as my family. I’ve even had a mom seek me out to try and get to know me better.

My closest friend from school was not looking for a “serious friendship” (lol) at the time we met.  She had lost her mom not too long before we met and like me has no family here. Well, that’s changed!   We have been close since meeting, probably picked up a few pounds (lol) and our girls have become the best of friends. Our prayers and hopes are that they’re both always at this school together, they’re always friends and so are we.

My Final Thought:

To the working parents, I highly respect your ability to do all of these things and go to your job daily and my husband understands your hurt behind missing so many moments due to work. For the parents who have children at different schools, I applaud you for seeing that your children are different from one another.  I’m now seeing this in my own two children.

I’ve toured the schools I work with and I have personally witnessed these same qualities in many of them.  I’ve seen how the person who works up front knows every child that passes their desk and the message their parent(s) left without having to read it off.  I’ve seen coaches, correct students when they’re getting too rowdy and I’ve been in parking lots and seen parents sharing hugs and tears. Your school is apart of your village, in a village, every member has the opportunity to be a positive contributor or a negative one.  Find your village, contribute and take care of it.

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